• VEGAN OK ice cream is not only very good but also much easier to digest.


Vegan OK!

The new line of artisan vegan ice-cream offers the customer a 100% vegetable product, made as required by vegan ethics in the full respect of the environment and animals.

Our ice cream is VEGAN OK certified, therefore:

  • NO to milk and dairy products
  • NO to eggs
  • NO to animal ingredients and derivatives
  • NO to palm oil
  • NO to sugar (sweetened only with fructose)

Vegan ice cream is the ideal choice not only for those who follow a vegan diet but also for those who are intolerant to lactose and eggs. Yes to good VEGAN ice cream!

With a rice milk base, without the use of refined sugars and without any animal or vegetable fat, vegan ice cream is perfect not only in case of intolerance such as to lactose or gluten, but also for those interested in keeping in shape, as well as for those just looking for good ice cream.

Since they have no cream or milk, flavours are light and tasty with surprising softness and creaminess.
Try our hazelnut, chocolate or pistachio flavours.

Gelato vegano - VEGAN OK

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